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Presence Creative Arts

We craft, perform and empower transformative stories which seek to inspire people and communities to authentically thrive.

Our Offerings


Innovative productions brimming with authenticity – which unlock, connect and transform audiences.


Experience clarity, power and presence in your communication.

House of David

The House of David project expands the Life of David stage play through three major elements, including Psalms Microfilms.

Presence Abbey

Coming alongside performance artists to encourage and build creative community bringing authentic growth in the craft.

What People Are Saying

"Authenticity, alignment and balance are at the core of Jason's coaching approach. I have seen individuals quickly achieve breakthroughs in their ability to communicate thoughts and ideas after working with Jason for a short period of time. Valuable approaches are personalized to how best the coachee learns and thinks, making them effective not just in the world of business. Jason's unique insights into human behaviour coupled with his deep passion for individual growth, allow him to be one of the most effective communication coaches I know."

AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD - Moonlight Film Festival


BEST OF SHOW - Imago Film Festival

"Jason is wonderfully gifted as an actor for he is able to portray not only the outward emotions of his character, but the inner motivation and character. He draws the audience into the scene, eliciting thought, feeling, and empathy. He does not offer just a break from the usual, but a deep and moving encounter with the message of the Bible."