As I reflect on Matthew 6:25-35, I am struck by the order of these past few days and their proximity to Advent – a holy and special season in the Christian calendar.

For our American friends, these days start with a time of being grateful – remembering the blessings. For the rest of us, the season is launched only by the ushering in of purchasing all the things that you’ve probably wanted over the year. On Black Friday, we’re enticed to spend in stores and then on Cyber Monday, we’re enticed to spend online. 

Yes, many of us do use these days to get a head-start on our Christmas shopping, but, for many of us, these days are focused on ourselves – the wants, the “wouldn’t it be great to have’s,” and the “I deserve” items. 

And then comes Giving Tuesday, where we are encouraged to consider the needs of others and to support organizations with what little is left in our bank accounts.  How sad is it that one day dedicated to giving to others follows two days that focus on taking care of our own wants and needs.  

During this season, I am thankful for the Scriptures and the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew that help us realize that our orientation is backward:

“So do not consume yourselves with questions. What will we eat… drink… wear? Outsiders make themselves frantic over such questions; they don’t realize that your heavenly father knows exactly what you need.” 

This gives us all the confidence required to orient ourselves around first giving to others because, as his children, we know that He gives good gifts and sees all our needs. 

I hope these words and scripture encourage you, as they did for me, to see others first. To trust, not only on this Giving Tuesday but on all days, that as you give to others, our Father will give to you.  


God, your care for me is unconditional and abundant! Thank you for every good gift in my life. Please help me to love others well, as you have loved me.