We are thrilled to share some exciting news – we have reached and even surpassed our Kickstarter goal for the David Chronicles: Film Encounter campaign!

The incredible support of our very supportive community has made this achievement possible, and we are filled with deepest gratitude.

The generosity of our supporters has enabled us to raise an impressive $15,441, which will contribute significantly to bringing ‘David Chronicles: Film Encounter’ to life. Our community’s belief in our mission and dedication to Presence Creative Arts has been instrumental in this success.

Jason and members of the Presence Creative Arts’ team are filming in Scotland right now, and they are so excited to be able to afford to fly home. Just kidding! 🤣 Of course their flights home are paid for, but they are excited about the support and the funds raised during this campaign.

Please know that this support goes beyond this campaign – it empowers PCA to continue crafting meaningful initiatives and impacting lives through our work. For ongoing support, you can always donate to Presence Creative Arts on our website. Kickstarter incentives are fun, but so are tax receipts. 😉

A big thanks once again to all who participated for being an essential part of this journey. Your involvement in the PCA community and your ongoing support mean the world to us. Together, we are making a meaningful difference.