As May came to a close, Jason, Krystle, and Wayne gathered together to pray and vision cast what we’re being called into for this new chapter of JHCA/Presence Creative Arts.

During this time, we read ‘Letter to a Christian Artist’ by H. R. Rookmaaker. He closes this letter with…

“The artist as a Christian is free, but not with a purposeless freedom. He is free in order to praise God and love his neighbours.”

As we look at all the events of this month, celebrating the opening of The Station House at Barnabas Landing on Keats Isalnd in BC, coaching leaders with Arrow Leadership, and celebrating the marriage of Jason’s oldest daughter Mercy, (and more!), we see love and praise God for it!

In this season of closing the chapter, we have already begun to open the next one! As shared over the last few months, we’re changing our name to Presence Creative Arts. We’re excited to ask you to mark your calendars! We will be hosting a live, online event to celebrate our new name and website launch on Thursday, June 22, 2023. 

Our other exciting development is that we’ve booked the castle and plane tickets for Scotland! So rain or shine, ready or not, we’re going to the Highlands to film David Chronicles. If you would like join us on this project, you can email us to receive our LOI for this project or CLICK HERE to check out our Kickstarter page for the project.

Lastly, if you’re not subscribed to our YouTube channel you may have missed this: Krystle has started a special summer series called Unlock the Story: Books that Can Shape Us

We’re excited to bring you along for all the adventures we’ve shared and the ones to come! To find out in real time about our projects and travels, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.