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Presence Creative Arts is very excited that one of our donors has given us a matching grant opportunity of $50,000.00.

We are currently looking for donors who would participate in this opportunity so that we are able to access all of the $50k. Any amount you are willing to give will be doubled through this matching grant! Click on the DONATE button below to help us realize this kind gift.


Facing the

Challenge Together


In a world where genuine hope-filled connection and inspiration are increasingly scarce, the need for meaningful creative expression has never been greater. Many communities are yearning for transformative experiences that art filled with God’s Presence can provide. Through our craft, we fill the void in culture with our unique blend of creativity and hope.



Together we can transform lives

At Presence Creative Arts, we believe in the extraordinary power of Presence-filled arts to inspire, connect, and transform communities. Every day, we witness the incredible impact of our work on individuals, especially in faith-communities and schools. But we can’t do it alone – we need your help.

Guiding with Empathy

And Expertise

At Presence Creative Arts, we walk the path of nurturing talent and touching hearts through live performance and cinema. With years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the transformative power of creative expression that is filled with Presence-filled creative expression, guiding each project to ensure it leaves a lasting impact.

Donors Like You

“We are beyond privileged that we get to be part of this and be of service.”

– Eve Wollin, patron and donor

Donors Like You

“…We just want to be a part of a team that wants to change the world, and sometimes it’s through the arts…”

– Harry Wollin, patron and donor

Your Contribution Makes a Difference

When you donate to Presence Creative Arts, you become a crucial part of our mission. Your generosity…

Creates Impact: Helps us develop innovative, faith-based films and live performances that resonate with audiences of all ages

Empowers Talent: Funds workshops and training for emerging artists.

3 Simple Steps to get involved


Connection is at the heart of everything we do. That includes connecting with you.


Whether it’s a one-time donation or a recurring gift, every contribution counts.


Stay engaged and witness how your generosity brings  Presence-filled art to life and transforms communities.

Every gift makes a difference.

Current and Upcoming Projects

Your donation fuels vital projects like the in-development *David Chronicles*, the planned *Presence Abbey*, and the released and upcoming *Psalms Microfilms,* with more inspiring creations on the horizon. Each contribution is a step towards bringing these transformative artistic endeavours to life.

David Chronicles

Drawing from King David’s lessons and personal experiences, this film invites reflection on life’s complexities and God’s unwavering presence.

Presence Abbey (Upcoming)

Coming alongside performance artists to encourage and build creative community bringing authentic growth in the craft.


Psalms Microfilms

Psalms Microfilms brings life to the Scripture inviting the audience to engage with each film through personal lived experience.

Presence Creative Arts is an official artist of Incarnation Ministries and all donations are processed through them.

Learn more about them here, and read CRA’s Terms here.