The UK based Lonely Wolf International Film Festival gave a glowing review of Psalms Microfilms – Cycle One. This festival is a dynamic online community awarding outstanding film narratives representing a wide range of views on life, the world, and our existence.

Read their review below to see how they felt PMF – Cycle One was able to “transcend traditional religious media” making the Psalms “accessible and relevant to a modern audience regardless of their religious background.”

Jason Hildebrand
Tad Munnings

“Psalms Microfilms – Cycle One”, a unique cinematic project helmed by Jason Hildebrand and Tad Munnings, is an artistic endeavor that resonates deeply with the contemporary quest for meaning and spiritual connection. This series of microfilms, each centered around a performer enacting a passage from the Psalms, is not just a creative interpretation of scripture but a profound exploration of personal and universal struggles.

The concept behind these films is both innovative and timely. In an era where people are often overwhelmed and searching for anchors, the Psalms provide a timeless solace. Hildebrand and Munnings, with their respective backgrounds in storytelling and impactful narratives, bring an authenticity and depth to this project. Each film is shot in a location that deeply resonates with the performer, adding a layer of personal connection and authenticity to the scriptural enactment.

What makes “Psalms Microfilms – Cycle One” stand out is its ability to transcend traditional religious media. It’s not just about the recitation of ancient texts but about connecting those texts to real, lived experiences. The films invite viewers to engage with their hearts, to find parallels in their own lives, and to connect with something greater than themselves. This approach makes the Psalms accessible and relevant to a modern audience, regardless of their religious background.

The series is a testament to the power of art to provide solace and understanding in times of uncertainty. In a world often dominated by fleeting and shallow media consumption, “Psalms Microfilms – Cycle One” offers a moment of introspection and spiritual depth. It’s a project that not only showcases the talents of its creators but also serves as a reminder of the enduring relevance and comfort that ancient texts can offer in our contemporary lives.