Donation Terms & Conditions

All donations to Presence Creative Arts is processed by Incarnation Ministries. 

In accordance with Canadian charitable regulations, Incarnation Ministries reminds each donor to Incarnation Ministries that while she or he has requested that Incarnation Ministries apply her or his gift to the work of Jason Hildebrand’s ministry, Incarnation Ministries is required by law to have complete discretion on how it uses its resources will not return the gift to the donor even if it does not use the gift in the manner the donor requests. Historically, Incarnation Ministries has consistently since its inception in 2003 directed 100% of all gifts (other than from its principal benefactor, who pays for all administration costs) to the artists, theologians and projects chosen by Incarnation Ministries.

To learn more about Incarnation Ministries and how they operate, please visit their website: https://incarnationministries.org/about-incarnation-ministries-ca/